Leptos Represents Cyprus in Global PwC SDG Challenge 2019 Report

On the occasion of the release of PwC’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Challenge 2019, Leptos Calypso Hotels is proud to be able to help shine a spotlight on how vital it is for businesses to implement a concrete strategy in support of SDGs as a means of positively contributing to the challenges we face globally today.

In fashioning the report, PwC undertook its largest analysis to date of published reporting on the United Nations’ SDGs, exploring in excess of 1,000 company reports to find out how businesses are engaging with SDGs.

The only voice from Cyprus within the 44-page report, Leptos Calypso Hotels was represented by Yiannos Pantazis, our Group General Manager.

Mr. Pantazis shared: “The role of top management is very important in every significant initiative. In our case, the CEO approves the sustainability strategy and policy. Setting the right tone from the top is crucial.”

Overall, Leptos Calypso Hotels is respectful of our beautiful Mediterranean island and mindful of the footprint our activities leave, and – as such – actively engages with CSR, embedding sustainable practices within our wider framework. 

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